Martin’s Bike Shop

The Martins were in dire need of additional retail and warehouse space to accommodate their burgeoning internet business and the growth of their retail store. They also wished to establish a bicycle museum. They wanted to expand at their current location rather than try to relocate to a new site. This posed challenges since the current site was oddly configured and mostly zoned for agriculture. The existing parking lot did not function well. Tractor trailers delivering goods to the site were required to back in from 28th Division Highway (US 322).

Diehm worked with the Martins and their attorney to secure rezoning of the property for commercial use. Diehm was able to secure the various approvals that were required including subdivision/land development and PennDOT. Diehm worked through the various challenges related to truck access, parking, and stormwater management.

Martin’s Bike Shop was able to open their beautiful new building in 2022. The new building more than tripled their retail space, dramatically increased their warehouse area, and provided for the bicycle museum.