New Holland Transport

The client, New Holland Transport (NHT), wanted to redevelop the former Stanford Seed site located at the Denver interchange off the PA Turnpike. This site presented several challenges including proposed overhead electrical transmission lines, lack of water and sewer, stormwater discharge to the PA Turnpike, and the client’s need for both a large refrigeration building and a separate truck garage.

Diehm was able to secure the various approvals that were required. Diehm worked with the PA Turnpike Commission, East Cocalico Township, and PennDOT to resolve the various issues and developed a site plan that incorporated the various elements NHT needed while balancing the need for stormwater management, on-lot sewage disposal, and the proposed electric transmission lines, which required extensive cooperation with PPL.

New Holland Transport opened their new office and warehouse and have been much better able to serve their customers due to their proximity to the PA Turnpike and Route 222.