Latest Projects

Martin’s Bike Shop

The Martins were in dire need of additional retail and warehouse space to accommodate their burgeoning internet business and the growth of their retail store.

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People We’ve Served

Diehm & Sons serves an extensive variety of client needs. Below are the types of clients we service with a sampling of project work examples. To determine if your land project would fit Diehm & Sons’ breadth of services, please click here to submit an inquiry.

Small Business Owner

  • Business expansion
  • New or expanded parking lots

The Plain Community

  • Business expansion
  • Subdivision for family and /or to sell for profit
  • Stormwater management for new agricultural structures


  • ALTA surveys
  • Expansion plans
  • New development
  • Site feasibility & due diligence

The Farmer

  • Subdivision for family and/or to sell for profit
  • Stormwater management for new agricultural structures
  • Business expansion

Agricultural Preservation Organization

  • Boundary and topographic surveys

Home Owners

  • Stormwater management plans for new accessory structures (garages, pools, etc.)
  • Boundary surveys and mark-my-lot
  • Subdivisions

School Districts, Colleges, & Universities

  • ALTA surveys

Land Developers – Residential & Commercial

  • Land development plans
  • Subdivision plans
  • Site feasibility studies
  • Stormwater management plans


  • Subdivision and/or lot add-on to create additional land area
  • Land development plans and/or stormwater management plans for additional building space including sanctuary, Sunday School, or office space

Subdivision for Estate Planning

Floodplain Determination & Development

  • Floodplain elevation certification/insurance
  • New structures in the floodplain