Tents For Rent

Clay Township, Lancaster County – Tents For Rent is a highly successful and growing business providing tents for customers in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic areas of the country. Previously, the business was spread out in various buildings all over the Ephrata area, including the owner’s house. There was a significant need for a single modern facility for the business to continue its growth. The owner purchased a farm on Wood Corner Road and proposed to construct a new 58,000 sq. ft. building. Plans for the building and a 4-lot subdivision were prepared by Diehm and submitted to the Township. Through the project, the subdivision was dropped and the new street was reduced to an access drive. The project involved creating a regional stormwater management facility for development of a significant portion of the farm. The existing sewer and water mains in Wood Corner Road had to be extended to the site and then on-site laterals provided for Tents For Rent. Significant coordination was required between Diehm, the owner, subconsultants, Clay Township, the Township Engineer, Ephrata Borough/EAJA, and the builder. The new building was approved and constructed, and Tents For Rent moved into the building in the fall of 2014.